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Thread: Is this a sensible way to create a Checksum?

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    Default Is this a sensible way to create a Checksum?

    Given a certain string, I need to "sum" the ASCII value of all its character elements, then convert that to a value no greater than 255, then append the resulting checksum value as a two-character hex val to the original value along with a left brace.

    IOW, given the value "0000017^E^^" I need to end up with "0000017^E^^B7["

    Is this code a sensible way to do this, or am I going about this all wrong?

    Java Code:
    	public static String AppendChecksum(String AStr) {
    		int iCharValTotals = GetCharValTotals(AStr);
    		byte bite = (byte) (iCharValTotals);
    		bite = (byte) (bite & 0xFF);
    		int iCharValsReduced = (int)(bite);
    		String sChecksum = Integer.toHexString(iCharValsReduced);
    		return String.format("%s%s[", AStr, sChecksum);
    	private static int GetCharValTotals(String AStr) {
    		char currentChar = ' ';
    		int iASCIIVal = 0;
    		int iASCIIValsTotal = 0;
    		for (int i = 0; i < AStr.length(); i++) {
    			currentChar = AStr.charAt(i);
    			iASCIIVal = (int) currentChar;
    			iASCIIValsTotal = iASCIIValsTotal + iASCIIVal;
    		return iASCIIValsTotal;

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    Since the range of a byte is -128 to 127, and your spec calls for a max of 255, I'd suggest changing it to:

    Java Code:
    		int iCharValTotals = GetCharValTotals(AStr);
    		iCharValTotals &= 0xFF;
    		String sChecksum = Integer.toHexString(iCharValTotals);
    		// ...
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