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    Hey yall,

    Im meant to write a chat application that has a server component,and a client that has a gui that displays a Jlist of online people and friends.

    It should list the friends regardless of whether or not they are online and non-friends should be listed only when online.

    It should be possible to select an online non-friend and click a button to add them as a friend.The other party should then recieve a pop up indicating someone wants to add them as a friend with an accept and reject button.

    I have the server and client in play the problem is the adding of friends and getting the friends and non-freinds to display on screen.

    I honestly need help real fast.
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    Hi. You explained very general case about your problems. Can you show some code or just explain more details. What technologies do you use for communicated the server and clients?
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    Exactly what Petr said, we don't write code here. If you are asking us to code you this app for you then you're in the wrong spot. However if you need help with some code or theories then we will be more then welcome to help you.
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