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    Cool CRUD + Forms Generator

    Hi everybody. I want to ask you something. Is there any tool that can generate all CRUD functions and Forms to handle entities attributes for desktop applications? It's to say, something like PHPRunner for PHP. This tools just needs a database connection to generate all views with full CRUD functionality (obviously it is for web development).

    I have to develop a Java desktop application so I need to know if there a tool to speed development up. I would be nice if it handles an embedded dbms.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Some form of JPA/Hibernate setup?
    Define your classes with the relevant annotations and they'll build your db and handle all the background gubbins.
    I haven't used them with an embedded db, so I have no idea if that would work, though I can't think of an offhand reason why they wouldn't.

    ETA: note that they won't do any front end stuff for you. That'll all be down to you.

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