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    Default Wille Subversion be subversive?

    That should be "Will Subversion..." not "Wille Subversion" but I can't seem to edit the title...

    When using Subversion with a Java project separated into a "source" and "classes" structure, does the hierarchy need to look like this:

    2) /trunk
    3) /source
    4) /classes
    2) /branches
    2) /tags

    ...or like this:

    2) /source
    3) /trunk
    3) /branches
    3) /tags
    2) /classes
    3) /trunk
    3) /branches
    3) /tags


    and how do I get Java/Eclipse to "respect" this arrangement (IOW, find the source if I create such a hierarchy of folders, and move the "source" folder?

    Note: the /trunk, /branches/, /tag is company policy, with the current source residing in /trunk
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    Not sure if your layouts gone funny due to the forum, but all the SVN repositories I've seen go:
    Java Code:
    / project
        / trunk
            / src etc
        / branches
            / v1
                / src etc
        / tags
    Also, there's no need to store the class files. In fact it's a waste of space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolls View Post
    Also, there's no need to store the class files. In fact it's a waste of space.
    It's not just a waste of space; I've seen recently on StackOverflow where doing this has messed up compilation.

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