Hello Friends,

I am pretty new to Java and especially problem like this :)

I am using JRE 1.6.0_22 in my Java application. My application binary will be done using maven build.

My application binary will contain JRE and it will be installed before my application as its pre-requirement to run my application.

My application used to write lotz of log information for troubleshooting. Now my problem is my application writing the logs with wrong time stamp. which means when i am running the application the date time of the computer is not taken into account as the timezone. It always saying the time as which is very irrelevant to my time. i suspect there is a problem in the timezone of my JVM.

And some more information is, maven build was implemented in my project some months back. before that everything is basked on batch file system. That time i never faced this issue. But the JRE version are different. I meant JRE version is lower than 1.6.0_22.

Now i am not able to guess whether the problem is because of my maven configuration? if so, i will get this problem with all the computer wherever i am installing my application. This is not happening. its used to some 3 out of 10 computers only.

If the problem is because of my JRE timezone? or any such problem identified in 1.6.0_22?

Please friends help me to solve this issue. I don't know from where to start my investigation.

Thanks in advance!
Arun S