I am working on a project for school and was hoping to get some feedback. We are writing an android application that requires data to be created on a PC and somehow transferred to the Android. Is there a good solution to detecting USB devices with Java across all platforms. There seems to be no internal support for USB in java and the third party libraries seem to cover only Linux and Windows.

Also, Android seems to have issues mounting as a storage device which makes it fairly unreasonable to ask the user to navigate to a drive through a filechooser when there is a good chance the drive will not be found.

The best article I have found is below.

Java and USB | Java.net

FYI: I posted a similar post on StackOverFlow that I marked as answered as it was lead me to that article and no further.

If anyone can shed some light, I would very much appreciate. Also, I am on a fairly short time frame and naively thought this would be a small piece to the puzzle, so the easier the solution, the better. Thanks