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    Red face Best book to teach yourself

    I have taken Java 100 and 200 level courses, and while I did okay, I am not confident that I got as much as I could have out of the classes. Before I take the next level in the fall, I was wondering if anyone could suggest the best book to teach yourself? Something with lessons in each chapter followed by exercises with answers to see how you're progressing?


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    Check this post:

    Head first java is great but not many exercises, java software solutions has pretty good exercises. The post goes into much more detail on many good books(in my opinion)

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    Exactly what Sunde said, you should read his blog as I found it informative too.

    If you took the classes but didn't really understand how everything worked, Head First Java really breaks it down into simple terms. It uses pictures to help you reference what they are talking about so you don't feel like you're being overwhelmed with text when you first start. It relates whats happening in the background to lamen terms. I found it helpful as I just recently finished it and it is by far my favorite book about getting started in a language. My C++ book made my head hurt every time I turned a page.

    I agree with Sunde, there aren't many exercises in the book but the ones they do have are very informative. They also have some code puzzles that get rather hard towards the end.
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