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    Default Producing Congruent Numbers

    Edit: nevermind, found help elsewhere. Thanks anyway.
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    Sorry, I don't see your java programming problem. Can you explain what you are trying to do in java, show the code and explain what the problem you are having with coding in java?
    Or is this a problem with the algorithm not working properly?

    I tried to use 1/2bh to get the congruent number. However, this didn't work
    Can you show the output and explain what didn't work and show the code that was in error?

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    You are only checking triangles with intergral sides; according to a definition, those sides have to be rational, e.g. 20/3, 3/2, 41/6 while the area must be an integral number. Those Pythagorean triples are the way to go (and multiples (or quotients) thereof).

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