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    Default Way to get a String AND an int, from an int


    I'm currently writing a game, where I'm implementing dialogues. I found that it's easiest if each dialogue link to the next dialogue in the chain, with an ID. Therefore, they all have ID's.

    Now, when I get to a dialogue where the player needs to select different options, it gets a little hard.
    I need to have a list of sorts, with the different options and the ID each option would lead to.
    I also need to be able to draw each element, and highlight one of them.

    I thought about having an array with Strings (for the different choices), but I also need the ID-int.
    The index of the array would be used to tell the options apart, because I need to be able to highlight one, and grab the object thats selected.

    Is there anything that could suit my needs?

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    hello, I can't understand your needs.

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    I need to have a list of sorts, with the different options and the ID each option
    Would a HashMap with the key = an option and the value = the ID do it?

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    A HashMap or a multi-dimensional Array might solve your problem. Depending on how you set up your dialog system.
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