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    Default java3D and external text file

    I am new to java3D. I have to design 3D space which contains multiple triangles. I have a text file with coordinates of triangle vertices and one additional parameter which will contain information about temp. First thing I have to do is to design 3D space reading from external text file and then after evaluating the temp parameter I have to set the temp color for each triangle. My text file is in this format.


    -8.55043646703429, -25, 23.4923399478045

    -8.20841900835292, -25, 22.5526463498923

    -8.55043646703429, -24, 23.4923399478045


    -8.20841900835292, -25, 22.5526463498923

    -8.55043646703429, -24, 23.4923399478045

    -8.20841900835292, -24, 22.5526463498923


    I don't know how I can read text file and using that information how I can draw 3D space. I can draw simple 3D space with 2,3 triangles by giving information about the coordinates of triangle manually and same for color information.

    Any example or material will really help me.


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    how I can read text file
    For a simple file reader you could use the Scanner class to read the file line by line. Then separate the data fields and convert the Strings to double with the Double class.

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