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    Default How do I call this method

    I am using Netbeans to make a GUI. Now I have a JList and I want to add an event to it. Whenever the value selected changes I want to run a certain piece of code. The method I want to run was generated by Netbeans:

    Java Code:
        private void descriptionTextAreaInputMethodTextChanged(java.awt.event.InputMethodEvent evt) {
            //listen from product Jlistener
    I want to run that code in the body of this method:

    Java Code:
    private void productListValueChanged(javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEvent evt) {
            //your code here
    How do I call the method, I do not understand those arguments. Please help. Many thanks in advance

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    It looks like Netbeans generated that method and the calls to it.
    Look through your code to see where/how that method is called.

    Whenever the value selected changes I want to run a certain piece of code
    That's usually done by having a listener added to the component the can change. When the change occurs, the component calls all the listeners it has registered and passes that listener an event object for the change.

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