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    Default Compare FileReader and FileInputStream


    I have a file with the following char, saved as utf-8:

    The character is the unicode hex value "010C" (Latin Extended-A).
    As much as i understand it is saved as binary values: 00000001 00001100
    I am running on windows XP and the default character-set of the JVM is the codebase "windows-1252".

    When reading the values with one byte after another and print the contents to the console, i get the following values:

    But if i run it with i get the following values:

    Why is there such a difference?

    Why doesnt it print:
    1 -- equivalent to first 2 hex digits - (01)
    12 -- equivalent to last 2 hex digits - (0C)

    Thanks Yuval

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    Can you post the code?
    Hex 0x01 is not the same as the char '1' or the String "1".

    Can you read the file in a hex editor and post its contents in hex.

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    And can you pick one of your two posts (that I've spotted) and close the other one?
    Because double posting is a bit rude...and impatient.

    See my post on the other thread you started...

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