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    Default Urgent help - dropdown issue

    Hey guys / gals

    When you select one example "Faith.jpg" from the first dropdown, then another dropdown should link this and display several prices. Each image with different prices.

    How to do this in code?? I urgently need your help. I'm busy developing for my client. Thanks!

    Look at my codes below:


    <select name="ORDER 1" id="dlist1" onchange="swapImage1()">
    <optgroup label="Sow Seeds of Love">
    <option value="None">None</option>
    <option value="Images/SowSeeds/Faith_small.jpg">Faith </option>
    <option value="Images/SowSeeds/Hope_small.jpg">Hope</option>
    <option value="Images/SowSeeds/Grace_small.jpg">Grace</option>
    <option value="Images/SowSeeds/Peace_small.jpg">Peace</option>
    <option value="Images/SowSeeds/FlowerSeedSachet_small.jpg">Flower Seed Sachet</option>

    //This is linked to the above first dropdown when you select Faith.jpg
    <option>Card A6 (blank) - R32.00 </option>
    <option>Memo Book A6 - R62.00 </option>
    <option>Gift Tags (4 designs per packet) - R8.50</option>
    <option>Gift Tags - Single - Assorted - R1.80</option>
    <option>Key Rings Perspex - R30.00</option>
    <option>Fridge Art - R40.00 </option>

    AND for example you choose another image with different prices

    //This is linked to the above first dropdown when you select Hope.jpg (different prices)
    <option>Card A6 (blank) - R35.00 </option>
    <option>Memo Book A6 - R65.00 </option>
    <option>Gift Tags (4 designs per packet) - R9.50</option>
    <option>Gift Tags - Single - Assorted - R1.80</option>
    <option>Key Rings Perspex - R20.00</option>
    <option>Fridge Art - R40.00 </option>

    Thank you :-)

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    You'll get better answers if you post this question on an HTML forum.

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    I recommend going to a Java Script forum. Maybe even a PHP one.
    • Use [code][/code] tags when posting code. That way people don't want to stab their eyes out when trying to help you.
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