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Thread: Is there a way to read a specific line in a txt file (without iterating through)?

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    Default Is there a way to read a specific line in a txt file (without iterating through)?

    Obviously I could just iterate through lines until I get to the line I need but that seems very inefficient, especially since I'm working with ~58,000 lines. Is there a way in the Java API to go directly to a set line?

    EDIT: For now I've just read all values into an ArrayList and then pulled values from there but if anyone has a better solution then feel free to post it.
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    Unless the lines are all the same length, there's no way to know the offset of any particular line without reading all the lines before it.

    If the file doesn't change much, you could read it once and create an index file that stores the offsets of the beginnings of each line. Then you could go directly to any line using the class that sunde linked.
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