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    Quote Originally Posted by dellacpa View Post
    To Junky:
    thanks for your advice on the if statement. However, I believe that if something does the tric it does not really matter if you find it awful or not.
    I'm sorry to be abrupt but that is a cr@p attitude. You should attempt to write good clean code at all times. If I wanted to print the numbers from 1 to 1000 I could have 1000 print statements because it "does the trick". But of course you should know that there is a better way to do it and use that instead. There is a site ( that is dedicated to examples of badly written code. All programmers should read it and learn how NOT to write code.

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    Hey Dellacpa,

    would I be a pest if I ask you to post all three full classes please? I'm just now covering Generics and you have a couple in there so to see all three classes interact would be really formative. If you agree, when I say full I mean with the first first public class ClassName of all three classes please? Thanks!

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