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    Default Practicing Concurrency

    This is one of those generic "looking for things to do" questions. I am currently reading Java Concurrency in Practice, and I am liking it, however; I am not sure of any good exercises to get some real practice.

    Does anyone know of any good exercises from moderate difficulty + to use for learning threading in a practical sense?

    Right now, I understand a bit about concurrency but feel like I would barely know how to do something practical with it.

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    I did a project a while back that involved a slideshow I had on a website. The site had restrictions on the number of files I could post so I packed all the images together in a single file. The applet that read the file could detect the end of each image and create and display the image. While in the background another thread continued to read the file to get the next image. The connect speed was slow so there really was overlap between showing the image and reading in the image. Anyways it was a fun project.

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