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    Default Unique element in an array

    Hello there,

    Given an array int a[] = {10,11,12,13,10,11}. I want to print out the unique elements and the count of duplicates in this array.

    Can someone help me find this. I am kind of stuck in the logic.


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    Some psuedo...
    Java Code:
    1) read the array and have method available for searching the array
      a) if a number matches any other number
         - mark it for non-printable
         - increase the counter
    2) Output the printable number and the counter
    I suspect there are quite a few classes you may be able to use for your operations if the specifications of your program are not limited to just a regular array. ArrayList comes to mind.

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    You can use the Set (HashSet) class to remove the duplicate items in the array.

    1. Create an array
    2. Convert it to a List
    3. Create a Set from the List
    4. When you get the set, convert it back to array.

    After the step you'll have the duplicate element removed from the list.

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