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    Default GlassFish vs Sun java Application Server

    Can any one please tell me the servers names, Sun Java Application Server[current version 9.1] and Glassfish server [current version:3.1] refers the same Server (or) they are different?

    Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - This is the link confusing me.

    If they are same-

    1.Can I use NetBeans with Glassfish server to write web services? Is there any simple way to learn web services?
    2. Why the version numbers are different? [Is it like marketing strategy]

    Thank you..

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    It is two difference web servers, There is wrote formerly Sun Java System Application Server, or SJSAS
    look at
    Sun Java System Web Server - Overview
    Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server - Overview
    BTW, Java has embed Web Service, I should you start to study with it.
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