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    Default Multiple Rows In File Creation

    Hello people! When you are creating files via Java, I only know how I create a long, long, long row of text into a file. Instead of that, is there any possibility of make Java create files with multiple rows in? Tries so far: I have tried to use the "\n" but it does not work when I'm creating files! :(

    Sincerely Alerhau

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    it does not work
    Please explain what does not work.
    The "\n" character should end a line of text. For other files, you may need to use different characters to end a record.
    What program are you using to view the file after it is written? Is there a problem in all file viewing programs or just for some of them?

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    It'll be the viewer used.
    Notepad (the default windows txt file viewer) doesn't recognise "\n" by default.

    If your program is running on the same machine the file is being written to then use a PrintWriter and use printLine().
    Or, use System.getProperty("line.separator").

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    Notepad (the default windows txt file viewer) doesn't recognise "\n" by default.
    But interestingly (to me at least) if you copy the content from Notepad to Word and back, you get all your line breaks.

    I sometimes do that when I want to look at source code from a jar or zip, but don't feel like firing up NetBeans.


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