Hie guys. Thanks in advance for taking time to read through my problem, you guys are great and all that.

This is my first real java project. I have someone with a trucking business who needs an application. He sells trucks in the third world and would like to author pdf documents to send his agent. The pdf would contain images of vehicles and pricing details and so on. This A4 page would then be printed and posted on a client list in the Congo. It is very simple. 8 trucks a page plus the relevant description.

Obviously the page will need to have some of his branding at the top of the page and at the bottom as well.

The application should allow him to easily upload pictures into a ready made template with the 8 slots for the images and descriptions. The application should resize the images to fit the slots. When he has filled out the form (if you can call it that) he should then be able to create a pdf on the fly or choose to immediately press EMAIL and have an A4 pdf sent to people listed in his send list.

The main issue for me is how to layout this whole thing (not the GUI but the application). I am at a loss as how this will all work out. I think if I had an idea of how to attack this problem bit by bit then I could begin making headway. I know Java Swing and enough about the language to handle any reading that might become necessary. I have just finished my first year of Software Development. I sort of have an idea of how the language works but need help devising a solution.

Any suggestions, however insulting, will be appreciated. Many thanks