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    Default Please please help!!

    I had posted before on the same topic but did not get much help, I am so blocked and really need help from you.

    I need to read the XML file having following data and need to store in the hashmap. Could you plz plz help me to get this right?? How do I read multiple attributes with multiple elements?

    <ip address="" consecutive_listings="2" listing_ratio="2" reputation="8">
    <attacks hostility="3" confidence="4" />
    <bot confidence="4" />

    So far I have come up with following function to read one element with one attribute but not able to come up anything beyond that.

    public String getElementAttribute(String elementName, String attribute){
    NodeList nodeList = doc.getElementsByTagName(elementName);
    String res = "";
    int len = nodeList.getLength();

    if (nodeList.getLength() == 1) {

    NamedNodeMap nMap= nodeList.item(0).getAttributes();
    res = nMap.getNamedItem(attribute).getNodeValue();
    else {
    logger.error("Element List Length is [" + len + "] for [" + elementName + "]");

    return res;

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    Could you post code that will compile and execute?
    Also show what the program generates and show what you would like it to generate.

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