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    Default Help me with my biggest project

    I am here to make my biggest project.
    Here is my project :
    I have a small company that has 5-6 computers in its network. Customers come and give their job and we complete it, sometimes the job remains pending and sometimes it is done. I want to make a software so that there is no need of papers and we don't need to search for different job cards not we have to ask the workers that the job has been completed or not. I just want to make a computer special for this purpose in which the status of the job is mentioned whether it is done or not. And all the information about the job is there.
    I also want to make that database available over the Internet so that people can visit my site and search for their job so that before coming to the shop they can have a look at their job status and be clarified about their job.
    I am still confused about the platform that I should use about the database software that I should have and all that.
    Just give me a rough outline of all the things that I need and also I know Simple Java yet only, not the advanced one like multi-threading but there is no problem I can learn that.
    So please help me with this !

    Also tell me which IDE should I use since I can only work with the IDE to make such big programs interfaces. I am quite familiar with the NetBeans though !
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