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    Default How to string.indexOf for multiple strings and return first instance?

    Basically, I am searching a string containing html. And I want to find the first instance of "<input" or "<div" or "<form", and return the index of whichever comes first?
    I have a way to do it with many loops, but it's really inefficient. Is there a simple way to do it? maybe with regex?


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    If all the html is in a single String then simply do index of input, div and form. Then find the min of those three values and return it.

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    Is there a simple way to do it? maybe with regex?
    That largely depends on how familiar you are with the classes in java.util.regex, and regex in general.

    Matcher has a method start() which returns "the start index of the previous match."

    Some learning resources for regex: - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference - Regexp Patterns
    Lesson: Regular Expressions (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes)

    You may get better help if you describe the requirement: why you need to know the first index of "<input" or "<div" or "<form"


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