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    Question class help

    “a class holds integers that can extends to 40 digit and its methods
    to order it according to Big number class”
    how can i continue below is given program’s skeleton

    XML Code:
    public class BigNumber {
     //the array that holds number
     private short[] number; 
    //constructor methods
     public BigNumber()
     public BigNumber(short[] number)
     //the methods to enter class’hold number 
    // and to show it
       public void enter(String number)
       public String quit() 
    //Arithmetic transactions.if the result of transaction
    //over 40 digit it is enough to hold it can.Remnant method is used to find the number which remnant refer to dividing transaction 
     public BigNumber add(BigNumber added)
     public BigNumber subtract(BigNumber result)
     public BigNumber multiple(BigNumber added)
     public BigNumber divide(BigNumber result)
     public BigNumber remnant(BigNumber added)
    //Logical operations. Compare two numbers to test
     // relation to each others as big-little-equal // 
    public boolean equal(BigNumber number) 
    public boolean big(BigNumber number) 
    public boolean little(BigNumber number) 
    public boolean bigequal(BigNumber number) 
    public boolean littleequal(BigNumber number)

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    Do as your instructor told you and complete his/her skeleton that s/he gave you.

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