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    Post Need help creating a String/Array?

    I am trying to test some code at home since I don't have access to the full system. I need to be able to retrieve user information that contains something along the lines of name, title, company. For example, I would need: userInformation = (n=Doe.John.1234567890 , t=Accounting , c=CorpCompany). [At work this information is generally pulled as one automatically using a cert, so that's my dilemma in trying to make an "at home" version to test]

    I need to somehow put that information into a string/array because the code following it would pull the information, split it, and parse certain information out of it.

    Here's the code that would follow it:
    String[] userValues = userInformation.split(",");
    String[ userItem = userValues[userValues.length-1].split("=")
    String[] userNumber = userItem[1].split("\\.");
    String usernames = userNumber[userNumber.length-1];
    String username = usernames + "@CorpCompany";

    That being said, How can I go about making all that information available in one area so that it can be split and parsed properly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why not have a custom class that holds all your information. As you read a line of data and extract(split) it, create a new Object with this data and then store the Object in an array or List.

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