I have a shared folder on my XP machine (say, c:\root, that maps to \\foo.bar.com\root). I gave another user full access to this folder. The root also has a subfolder c:\root\subdir where I am creating an empty file. The other user has to delete this file at some point but can't do it: he's getting an "Access is denied" message.

The file is created like this:
Java Code:
            File trig = new File(outputFolder, "empty.file");    
            if (!trig.createNewFile()) {
                // Could not create TRIGGER file 
            } else {
                // Created TRIGGER file
Do I need to do something else to ensure that the user can delete them?

By the way, I ran this tool called Process Explorer that can show if there is a process holding this file from my side. Got nothing. So it looks more like a permissions issue than a process holding the file, but I might be wrong.