I am trying to install jcterm in linux over ssh. Downloaded the jcterm 0.0.9 zip from JCTerm - SSH2 Terminal Emulator in Pure Java.

I have jdk 1.6 installed; I have downloaded the jsch code and compiled it - set the classpath accordingly, while compiling the jcterm java files.
I am facing the following errors:

[]# CLASSPATH=.:../../jsch-0.1.44/src javac com/jcraft/jcterm/*.java
com/jcraft/jcterm/JCTermMIDP.java:28: package javax.microedition.midlet does not exist
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
com/jcraft/jcterm/JCTermMIDP.java:29: package javax.microedition.io does not exist
import javax.microedition.io.*;
com/jcraft/jcterm/JCTermMIDP.java:30: package javax.microedition.lcdui does not exist
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
com/jcraft/jcterm/JCTermMIDP.java:31: package javax.microedition.rms does not exist
import javax.microedition.rms.*;

I also tried removing the JCTermMIDP.java and JCTermSWT.java (as these seemed to be J2ME stuffs) from the path and compiled, it got compiled. But the next step, "CLASSPATH=.:../../jsch-0.1.44/src java com.jcraft.jcterm.JCTerm" failed and there is no such class JCTerm existed.

I just want to do ssh using this jcterm feature.
If you know any useful pointers related to jcterm implementation, kindly let me know (If this is not the right forum to post this, plz let me know the relavent forum for this Query)