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Thread: why does this not return else and why is variable not used

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    Default why does this not return else and why is variable not used

    if someone could please help this a follow to my earlier question for the ok button if password is correct will change your panels background colour and tells you you have the correct password if not the panel would remain black and through up a error message however the else statement is not being returned so its as if the user has always passed help woul be very welcomed

    code for ok button

    private void OKButtonActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
    String password;
    String pass = txtPassword2.getText();
    password = "123";
    Boolean isMatch = false;
    isMatch = password.equals(pass);
    if (isMatch = true) {
    "Success! You typed the right password, the door is open.");
    "Invalid password. Try again.",
    "Error Message",


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    "if(isMatch = true)" This line should be "if(isMatch)" or "if(isMatch == true)". When you do what you have it is setting isMatch to true then evaluating the if statement. That is why it is always true and never enters the else.
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    You made a mistake comparing boolean variables here
    Java Code:
    if(isMatch = true)
    Notice anything weird about it?

    Also, when testing a boolean variables condition it's better to use these approaches
    Java Code:
    boolean x = true
    if(x){}        //x == true
    else if(!x){} //x == false

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