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    Default InputMismatch Exception inside do while menu, please help!

    Hello people, I'm newbie to java and wants to know where did I got wrong in my code to print the do while menu, the option available is from 1-9 and it's int, when i input string it catch the InputMismatch exception, my code has caught it but here got some problems.

    boolean menu = false;
    int option = 0;
    System.out.println("\t \t MENU \n \n");
    System.out.println("\t 1. aaa \n");
    System.out.println("\t 2. bbb \n");
    System.out.println("\t 3. ccc \n");
    System.out.println("\t 4. ddd \n");
    System.out.println("\t 5. eee \n");
    System.out.println("\t 6. fff \n");
    System.out.println("\t 7. ggg \n");
    System.out.println("\t 8. hhh \n");
    System.out.println("\t 9. iii \n");
    while (!menu){
    System.out.print("\t Enter Your Option : ");
    option = console.nextInt();
    menu = true;

    catch ( InputMismatchException ex )
    System.out.println("\t Wrong input, option valid is from 1-9" );
    String flush =;
    if (option == 1){
    System.out.print("\t Enter Name : ");
    String name =".*");
    System.out.println("Name : "+name);

    else if (option == 9){
    System.out.print("\t Byebye ");
    while(option != 9);

    When I input option (String) it can catch the exception and ask for option again, but when I input option 1, and write the name (String) it print the menu again, but then it ask for name input, not the option input, how to solve the problem??thank you so much for your guide :D

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    it catch the InputMismatch exception
    please copy and paste here the full error message.
    If you can include everything shown on the console so we can see what was entered.

    Add a call to printStackTrace() to all the catch blocks in your code.

    When you post some code please surround the code in code tags. See:

    Also a full program that compiles and executes makes it easier for anyone to test it.
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