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    Default print toString to .txt file

    Hey I am trying to print an entire toString method + default header to a .txt file . I also want to make the name of the file a variable which changes(A persons name).

    I currently have a GUI made that displays the text in a JTextArea(after calculations are made which are also dynamic). I want to add some text(sort of like a header) to the toString and then concatenate all text from the JTextArea after and print that information to a .txt file using a String which represents that persons name. The printing to the text file would happen when a button is clicked and after a file is written, the information could be changed to write many more new files if need.

    Please help with some suggestions.

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    * Create a Writer (probably a FileWriter) based on the desired name. Checking of course that it's a valid filename for your OS.
    * Write the header
    * Write the text content (probably using the JTextComponent method write())
    * Close the Writer

    Notice that there is *no* need to concatenate the header with toString() which might involve much memory usage.

    Most applications this side of Microsoft's hugly popular and profitable BSOD game are dynamic, so it goes without saying that the filename, header and content of the text area will be generated as the program runs (ie are dynamic). Just create the Writer using the name variable.

    You may well find the Basic IO section of Oracle's Tutorial useful.

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