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    Default How to change TXT color Onclick

    I am some trouble changing the color of the text when the button is clicked looking for anyone who can help.


    // subfileWidget.js
    * This creates a useful method that allows you to retrieve
    * html elements by their style class name.
    document.getElementsByClassName = function(cl) {
    //create an empty array.
    var retnode = [];
    //Create a regular expression for searching
    //for the classname that was passed in.
    var myclass = new RegExp('\\b'+cl+'\\b');
    //gets a list of all of the elements on the page.
    var elem = this.getElementsByTagName('*');
    //Loop through all the elements and check for the
    //passed in class name.
    for (var i = 0; i < elem.length; i++) {
    var classes = elem[i].className;
    //Use the regular expression to check the class name.
    if (myclass.test(classes)) {
    //add the element that matches to the array that gets returned.
    return retnode;

    //We will be overriding the existing body.onload method with some of
    //our own code. We want to be sure to execute the existing onload code
    //so we save a reference to the old onload method in document.body.oldOnload.
    document.body.oldOnload = document.body.onload;
    //Define the new document.body.onload.
    document.body.onload = function (){
    //if the oldOnload exists, execute it.
    //call the initSubfileWidget Method.

    * This method is used to initialize the subfile widget to do
    * row highlighting when the row is clicked.
    function initSubfileWidget() {
    //use the newly created method of getElementsByClassName to find
    //all of the subfile tables on the page.
    var subfileTables = document.getElementsByClassName('HATSTABLE');
    //loop through all of the subfile tables
    for(var i = 0; i < subfileTables.length; i++){
    //find all of the input elements in the table.
    var radios = subfileTables[i].getElementsByTagName('input');
    //Loop through each of the input elements, checking for radio buttons only.
    for (var j = 0; j < radios.length; j++){
    if(radios[j].type.toUpperCase() == "RADIO"){
    //save the old onclick function as oldOnClick for execution later.
    radios[j].oldOnClick = radios[j].onclick
    //attach the new onclick function, being sure to call the oldOnClick function if it exists.
    radios[j].onclick = new Function("if(this.oldOnClick)this.oldOnClick();hig hlightRow(this);");
    //call a function to attach even handlers to the rows so they can handle an onclick.
    //hide the radio buttons.
    radios[j].style.display = 'none';

    * This function modifies all of the cells in the row of the radio button (passed
    * in as element) to properly highlight the row.
    function attachCellEvent(element){
    //Find the parent row for the radio button (element parameter).
    var tr = element.parentNode;
    //Loop until you have a reference to the TR element.
    while(tr.tagName.toUpperCase() != "TR"){
    tr = tr.parentNode;
    //Find all of the cells in the row.
    var cells = tr.getElementsByTagName('td');
    //Loop through each of the the cells.
    for(var cellIndex = 0; cellIndex < cells.length; cellIndex ++){
    //Getting the actual text of the function for the onclick event.
    var functionText = cells[cellIndex].onclick;
    //Use a regular expression to find the name of the radio button that must be clicked.
    var regexp = /HATSForm\.subfile\_radiobutton_\d+/;
    var radioName = regexp.exec(functionText);
    //Save the old onclick even handler as oldOnclick.
    cells[cellIndex].oldOnclick = cells[cellIndex].onclick;
    //define a new onclick event handler, that calls the oldOnclick if it exists. Also,
    //it calls the click function of the radio button in the row (for highlighting purposes).
    cells[cellIndex].onclick = new Function("if(this.oldOnlclick)this.oldOnclick();"+ (radioName ? radioName + ".click();" : ""));

    * This function highlights the row that the element (radio button) belongs to.
    function highlightRow(element){
    //first, clear any previous highlighting.
    //Find the parent row element.
    var tr = element.parentNode;
    while(tr.tagName.toUpperCase() != "TR"){
    tr = tr.parentNode;
    //save the old style class name as tr.oldStyle (will be used later to re-display
    //the original style when another row is selected.
    tr.oldStyle = tr.className;
    //set the new style classname.
    tr.className = 'HATSTABLESELECTEDROW';

    * This function clears all the previous highlighting that may exists.
    function clearAllHighlighting(element){
    //Find the parent table node.
    var table = element.parentNode;
    while(table.tagName.toUpperCase() != "TABLE"){
    table = table.parentNode;
    //get an array of all of the TR (row) elements.
    var rows = table.getElementsByTagName("TR");
    //Loop through each row.
    for (var k = 0; k < rows.length; k++){
    //Any row that has been highlighted will have an "oldStyle" attribute.
    //Set the style class back to the oldStyle, so as to remove highlighting.
    rows[k].className = rows[k].oldStyle;

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