hello to all.. i have a realy tough assignment which requires me to add, substract, multiply, and get inverse of non-sparse and sparse matrixes..

in a more clear way it wants me to to the operations listed above between two sparse, or two non-sparse or a sparse and a non-sparse matrix..

for the operations on the matrixes of same kind, say sparse matrix, it seems rather easy .. but what makes me confuse is how to operate a sparse with a non-sparse..

and of course for both which data structure is the best? list, vector, array,.... ? if i use a 2D array for non-sparse then what should be the best structure for sprase matrix.. and is it a good programming way to temporarily turn the sparse into non-sparse while adding substracitng or multiplying with a non-sparse matrix? if not in what way should i handle the operations between sparse and nonsparse..

i will be very appreciated with any kind of help..