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    Default Java Balancing Tree, please help right away ASAP !!!!

    I can't get this one problem and need it for an assignment

    (14pts) Below is the diagram to rebalance an AVL tree when the AVL condition is violated at the node P because of an insertion to the right of P's left child.

    Complete the method doubleWithLeftChild(Node p) below that (1) rebalances the tree at P, (2) adjusts the heights of nodes whose children have changed, and (3) returns a reference to the new root node R of the rebalanced subtree.

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    Node doubleWithLeftChild(Node p)


    where the Node structure is private class Node
    public E data;
    public Node left;
    public Node right;
    public int height;

    public Node() { height = -1; }
    public Node(E d) { data = d; height = 0; }

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    i think once is enough...posting many threads with the same thing (such as this one ) will not get you help faster, in fact in a lot of ways will hurt your chances of getting help (as does indicating you need help asap). Further, dumping a homework assignment is indicative that you expect us to make an effort when you haven't. So...what have you done so far to tackle this assignment? Where are you stuck?

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