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    Default swing passwordField to change jPanel background colour

    listen junky heres a few tips back the reason this forum is called NEW TO JAVA is ats it suggests this was my first ever post and its a bit unfair to criticize i could easily have cut out where i was stuck so now with your advice

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    String cmd = e.getActionCommand();

    if (OK.equals(cmd)) { //Process the password.
    char[] input = txtPassword2.getPassword();
    if (isPasswordCorrect(input)) {

    else {

    //Zero out the possible password, for security.
    Arrays.fill(input, '000');


    why does the panel not change to red but under a button click event does many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by cromie11 View Post
    listen junky heres a few tips back the reason this forum is called NEW TO JAVA
    Hey. I was just offering some suggestions how you can improve your post and increase the chances of getting help. On the otherhand if you just want to be an ignorant butthole who alienates the very people you want to get help from, then by all means go right ahead.

    Here's one more tip, do not start ANOTHER thread on the same topic. This will also piss regulars off and reduce your chances of getting help. I for one do not plan on wasting anymore time on you!

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    Duplicate thread closed.

    Original poster, please stick to one thread per question. You may also wish to get a thicker skin and avoid biting the hand that feeds you.


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