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    Post How to set java classpath in windows.

    I installed JDK in c:/programfiles/java/jdk/bin. Now i made a folder in c drive c:/rajiv in this i made two folders source and classes. i dumped all java files in source folder. Now if i try to compile it is showing as javac is not an external or internal cmd. I think we need to set class path. I tried in environment variable by dont knw wht is happening.. Could any one please help me out...
    Rajiv Joshi

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    The "javac is not an external or internal cmd" message has nothing to do with the Java classpath. Rather it is a Windows message referring to the fact that the javac.exe executable cannot be found on the Windows path. This "path" is the list of directories (folders) that Windows looks in to find executables.

    This message is the first in the list of Oracle's Java Tutorial "Hello World" problems page. The suggestion they give there to the installations documentation is probably to this page: Installation Notes (or something like it). Scroll down to "4. Update the PATH variable (Optional)".

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