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    Default error in code

    The deposit command allows a user to deposit money into an existing account.
    The cashier must ask for the email address of the account, the password and the
    amount to be deposited. If the password is correct, the money will be deposited into
    the account. If the deposit could not be completed, the cashier prints out a message
    informing the user. If the deposit is completed successfully, the cashier responds
    with “Thank you for using the bank”.
    Java Code:
        private void makeDeposit(InputReader reader)
            String email = reader.getText("enter email address: ");
            String password = reader.getText("enter password: ");
            int amount = reader.getNumber("enter deposit amount: ");
                Account account = (Account)accounts.get(email);
                    boolean success = account.deposit(amount);
                        System.out.println("Thank you for using the bank");
                        System.out.println("Unable to deposit to your account");
    it doesn't come up with the print messages whilst testing it
    can anyone see where its gone wrong?


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    If neither the 'thank you' nor 'unable to deposit' String are printing then it has to be something with the other two ifs. Double check that you are entering valid email and password data.

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    It always help to print out the data when debugging (or using a debugger) to see what the computer is doing with the data. You might think you are typing in the right email, but it might not be contained in the accounts.

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