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    Smile Just starting to learn java~

    Hi everyone im trying to learn java but im having a difficult time learning the basics and im wondering if anyone could help me out through this. what i need is someone who can help me when i have a question or two (if not a hundred XD) and to look over any program i make and make suggestions to improve it :P.
    But if none of you are interested in that could any of you suggest a good ABSOLUTE beginners guide to java

    ill greatly appreciate if anyone could even just give a good beginners book or just advice :P that'd be awesome
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    Here's a good learning resource: The Java™ Tutorials

    And here's one that can help you get better answers to your questions: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


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    People here will generally be really helpful when you have questions. The tutorials are great, but you may find gem a bit hard to understand(perseverance is key), a good beginners book(in my opinion) is head first java, but java software solutions is good as well.

    This blog post may be helpful to you, Helping beginners get started. « Sunde's Blog

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    I just started Java a few weeks ago and found thenewboston's tutorials on youtube to be helpful. They are very basic and slow, but good to learn the basics with I guess. The only problem with those tutorials is the guy who does them doesn't go into detail with hardly anything. For example, no explanation of different variable types like which are primitives and which are object references. I'd suggest the tutorial sites already posted and using dabbling with these youtube videos.

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