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    Default Image recognition then output to Excel

    I have very little experience of computer programming, but want to create a program that can read the wins/losses made with each spin on a casino slot machine and record them in an Excel Spreadsheet.

    The process would be:

    Repeat Start
    1) Left Mouse Click SPIN button
    2) Wait 8 seconds
    3) Read and record win/loss
    4) Output this result to Cell A1 of an Excel file that is already open
    Repeat End

    It would need to repeat this process and with each repeat, output the result to the next cell down, A2,A3,A4,A5...

    The tricky bit, I imagine would be getting the program to be able to read and recognize the wins/losses displayed in graphical numbers. The slot is browser based and uses Adobe Flash Player, which I imagine means that numbers would have to be read as images and translated into numbers.

    How hard would it be for someone with very little exerience of computer programming to learn a program sufficiently to create something like this? I have basic skills in Macro Express and basic understandings of IF, AND, OR, THEN, ELSE statements in Excel - don't laugh.


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    What does your question have to do with Java?


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    How long may it take for me to learn enough Java to create this program?

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