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    Default Need help with displaying calculation

    ,I want the application to take the product price, read the user input of the quantity wanted, and multiply the price by the quantity. Then, I want the result, the product total to multiply by the tax of 1.08 and give the result in paymentBalance. When I run the application, I keep getting 0 no matter the quantity entered by the user.
    Please help.
    Java Code:
    package products;
     * @author Lekeisha
    public class Products {
        public Products()
        public static void main(String[] args)
            Products products1 = new Products();
        public void inputFromConsole()
            // TODO code application logic here
            int quantityOrdered = 0;
            double productTotal;
            double priceItem = 3.95;
            double taxPaid = 1.08;
            double paymentBalance;
            productTotal = priceItem*quantityOrdered;
            paymentBalance = productTotal*taxPaid;
            BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
            System.out.println("I want this quantity." + "");
                    quantityOrdered =;
                (IOException e)
            System.out.println("This is the total balance. " +(paymentBalance));

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    Isn't this just a continuation of this thread: help-displaying-calculation-user-input? And if so, why create an entirely new thread, and why not answer Norm's helpful questions?

    Edit: In fact, no need to answer that. Let's lock this thread, and continue the discussion in the original thread. Fragmenting the discussion is not quite fair to the folks here who might re-do effort that Norm has already expended.

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