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    Default Suggestion on packages to use when connecting java with wireless real life objects

    Im thinking of making a rc-computer controlled submarine as a senior project.
    Mainly because I would like to make a cool radar interface and be able to controll
    the whole thing from a laptop.

    Problem is, I'm not sure on how to connect the two objects..
    Bluetooth might work but would not be so fast..
    I'v tried before to install some java-usb thing, It took ages and never worked.

    Any suggestion on what to use?
    I have an arduino but it doesnt support bluetooth..

    To state my question clear:
    What is the cheapest and easiest way to make a java program recive and send
    information to another device which can preform tasks (like turn a servo etc)?

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    The easiest would probably be to use a WLAN on the sub and just use the standard network objects. Just make sure the transmission is actually able to go through water.

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