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    Question Trouble adding JPanel to JFrame with NetBeans IDE

    Hi, I've designed some JFrame forms in netbeans which I intended to add to the main JFrame. Then I realised thats not possible so I created a new JPanel form and then copy+pasted the contents and source code of the minor JFrame form to the JPanel form.

    Now I need to add the JPanel form to the main JFrame but whatever I've tried won't get the JPanel to display... Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I tried this way:
    //productsPanel is a JPanel in the main JFrame
    productsPanel.add(new ProductsViewer());

    I also tried this:
    ProductsViewer myProductsViewer = new ProductsViewer();

    And I also tried to use these two methods after adding the JPanel to the JFrame:

    Nothing seems to get this JPanel to show.

    Please help!!


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    You seem to do it in reverse. You need to add JPanel to JFrame like this:

    Java Code:

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