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    Default Basic gui - just need to know what classes i must have

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to do my assignment.
    It requires me to write a program for a warehouse.
    Below are the details

    The program is to be menu based and is to allow options for adding, viewing and finding customer, product and order information, and creating reports. Customer details, product details and order details are to be stored permanently in binary files. This program will be expanded at a later date to allow for administration of payments and maintenance of products, so it has to be designed with re-usability in mind.

    I was unable to attend class for 2 weeks so Ive completely missed out on the GUI sessions. I only know TUI... and not even that well.

    Can anyone tell me what classes I'm supposed to use? Is it just like customer, product, order, orderGUI, orderGUIStart or is it totally different?

    Thanks in advance

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