I am using an application where I am getting 2 log files.
One log file is generated which prints the timestamp using "c" language code.
Another prints the timestamp using following java function:
public static String getCurrentTimeStamp()
SimpleDateFormat simpledateformat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS");
Date date = new Date();
String s = simpledateformat.format(date);
return s;

The issue is there is a difference of around 90 seconds between both the time.
For example:

"c" Log --> Request Sent to java Client : Tue May 18 10:57:30:326
Java Log -->Request Recevived by Java CLIENT : [2011-05-18 10:59:00.303]

Though it is sure that the requests received by java client in just 15-20 miliseconds but still it is showing a time difference of around 90 seconds between both the log.

Is anyone having any idea of experiencing such behaviour.