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    Default Tips for java exercise: print steps of n height


    Java beginner here, stuck with an exercise in a programming course I'm taking.

    The exercise is: write a program that asks the user for height of steps, i.e. number of lines, and then prints the steps like so:

    E.g. height = 3

    I.e. the number of line corresponds to the number of stars on the line.

    I know the star symbol needs to be handled as a string. I know how to write the code to ask the user for number of lines. I know how to write a loop to print n number of lines with a string or an int on each, and one to print n number of stars on one line, but I'm stuck on how to combine the two.

    Could someone give me a pointer on where to go with this? Thank you greatly in advance.

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    Uhm, with two nested loops?

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    Look at using the print() command. It will print on the same line as the last print().
    That will allow you to control how many *s are printed on a line.

    Another way would be to have a LONG string of ****s and use substring to extract the number you want to print on the current line.

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    System.out.println() prints a (new) line, as norm pointed out, System.out.print() just prints, similair to printf or std::cout in c++ (or print() sys.stdout.softspace=false print() in python)

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