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    Default Input statement gets skipped


    I have the following code in a loop:

    System.out.println("What is the name of the department?");
    s_Temp = input.nextLine();

    The first time the command is executed, it works properly. Subsequent executions cause the 2nd line to be skipped and s_Temp becomes an empty string.

    Anyone know why?


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    It might help to see the rest of the code, but let me guess, "input" is a Scanner and later in the loop is another question and there you are doing, or input.nextInteger(), etc, etc, but not input.nextLine(), right? Well, in that case, that call will leave the "newline" in place and the next call to nextLine() will simply return the rest of the line from that previous call (even if that is just an empty string). Add a call to nextLine after the other "next" call.

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    I'm guessing, but I think that your problem may lie elsewhere, that you are using the input Scanner object elsewhere in your code and calling something other than input.nextLine() and thereby not properly handling an end of line token. You may want to call input.nextLine() after obtaining an int or double from the Scanner to swallow this token. If this doesn't help, I suggest you post more of your code, but please use code tags when doing so (see the link in my signature below).

    edit: I'm a bit slow today, it seems!

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