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    Default Importing / compiling and running with .jar package


    I'm getting really confused trying to use an add-on package. I have a .jar file containing the classes and I have the import statement referencing it. However, every time I compile and run do i need to use the -cp switch and specify the path of the jar? Seems like a lot of typing when the .jar file is in the same directory.

    I've also tried organising my own project into packages but the files wont compile (I get a package does not exist error even though the package is defined using the package statement). Any tips/ good tutorials on this?


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    Yes you have to do -cp, otherwise java wont know where to look for your classes.

    When you compile a package, you should make sure that you have the right structure:
    Java Code:
    package com.examples;
    That means that your structure would be:
    Java Code:
    so when you compile, you would cd to the src folder, and type
    Java Code:

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