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    Default Internet access appilcation

    Hi yall,
    Im still in the early stages of learning java and I have an exercise due in like 2 days where I'm supposed to create an application to compute the best internet service provider to us depending on the amount of data that is used to be used.There are more specifications like the use of a service to worker model,i need someone to walk me through the beginning of creating the application after which Im sure Ill get the drift.

    please help!!!

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    Could you provide more details regarding it, please? With just that information, it's very hard to suggest anything, really.

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    1.there are three isp's,isp1(POSTPAID),isp2 and isp3(BOTH PREPAID)
    2.user should be able to enter the following details of internet connections for the 3 isps;
    -Actual Download speed
    - Actual Upload speed
    -Cost per month
    3.Once entered the data should be persisted (Im sure this is through the serializability java class)
    4. the user should be able to view and edit the connection details for each of the providers
    5.There should be a menu called "compare connection" This menu option should ask the user to enter how many hours per week they want to use the isp1 connection at its maximum capacity for. (e.g. 50 hours).
    The application should then calculate how much data this is in MB.
    The application should then work out whether it is cheaper to use
    ISP1 or several ISP2 or ISP3 prepaid scratch cards.
    It should then recommend which internet connection to use and how much
    it will cost per month.

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