Hello there. I have 3 variables which I parse them into a txt file. Every iteration this variables are change so I parse them into a line with the commnd:

Java Code:
FileWriter outFile1 = new FileWriter("newFaces1.txt", true);
FileWriter outFile2 = new FileWriter("newVertices1.txt", true);
PrintWriter out1 = new PrintWriter(outFile1);
PrintWriter out2 = new PrintWriter(outFile2);

out2.append("v " + newvertex1 + " " + newvertex2 + " " + newvertex3);
(This is done in class writeToFile)
The variables parsing into the file works. But I want to call 3 or 4 times the contrstuctor of the class so I want a way every time I call the contructor to read the file and to begin writting the variables at the of the file that I ve made with the previous call of the constructor . Any idea??