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    Default Linked List: Removing Largest Element Using Iterator

    how can I remove the largest element from a linkedlist in java? I know I can use get() or remove() functions to retrieve / remove the elements. But I want to make it efficient. I want to use iterator. Do you have any idea how i can do it? Note that I dont want to create my own linkedlist. I dont even want to sort my linkedlist.

    Can I do a linear search for this? If so, how can I keep track of the pointer (or iterator) that points to the largest element. Any help will be appreciated.

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    First, you haven't defined what you mean by 'largest element'. I presume you mean largest based upon some sort of Comparator or Comparable. Second, a simple implementation would be to loop over the list and search based upon your criteria - removing the appropriate element when complete.
    But I want to make it efficient. I want to use iterator.
    Why? Efficiency is relative, and searching a List is quite simple and quite effective. Without any context why you want to speed something up and what you're doing advice is all relative, you could use any number of methods - trees, Lists, etc...each of which has their place and may be more efficient in one context, less so in another (relative to other methods)

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    If the list is sorted you can just remove the last element. If not, you would need to iterate through the whole list and check each element.

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