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    Default Rectangle class with no argument constructor

    I need to write a rectangle class using a no argument constructor. What I have come up with that doesn't work....I am so lost right now... is:

    public class Rectangle {

    private int height=10;
    private int width=25;

    public Rectangle() {

    Rectangle rect = new Rectangle();

    return (height);

    return (width);


    public void print(){

    I need to output the width and height as set as w=25 and h=10
    thank in advance

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    The rectangle constructor should not create an instance of rectangle in the constructor. Think what would happen if this was possible? If the constructor uses the constructor to create an instance of the class you would get an infinite recursive type loop.

    Also, constructors don't return anything. All the constructor should do(for the most part) is set the classes instance variables.

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